“Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.” – Buddha

The ongoing, relentless relationship between ecstasy and tragedy that we inevitably share as human beings can formidably impact our attitudes and bring us to this illusion of separateness. We are unable to acknowledge the light or consciousness that is always available to us despite the certain negativities we may face. This quality of consciousness is an energy and reveals our true inner being. It can bring us into higher dimensions of reality if we will allow it. And it is often the difficult circumstances which are key in opening this door to awareness. Consciousness works to impede the madness and to allow one to go forward despite the ongoing uncertainties or failures of one’s individual life. To be willing to acknowledge and embrace this lightness within, despite our stories of defiance, is to realize the infinite connection of suffering and hope we all so intimately share. And it is our collective call as human beings to allow consciousness and light in to heal our wounded spirits, to live a life of true acceptance, and to express it through modalities such as work, love, forgiveness, compassion, and art.

Working with our abilities to recognize this light relies deeply within our perceptions. We must cultivate a level of awareness and have the willingness, but most importantly, the courage, to be authentically present. To recognize and embrace the true nature of things as they are. To accept the vast phenomenal world which exists within us and all around us, and is always, forever, mysteriously, spinning out of control. Knowing there is always beauty and light available despite the often terrible awkwardness which may have preceded. And then, without resistance, to start all over again, vacillating into the unknown.

I hope to elevate the senses of my viewers as I create photography and paintings that are a genuine, personal reflection of the infinite, deeper reality I bare witness to and contemplate each day of my life. The surreal light I may witness on a beach, or the space which may evolve in a painting is simply an authentic practice in paying closer attention to reality. It is with incredible gratitude that i finally have the opportunity to share my vision with you. I hope you like it.

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